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Water Risk Filter for the Greater Mekong

© Adam Oswell / WWF-Greater Mekong

Higher Resolution Data for the Greater Mekong Integrated in WWF’s Water Risk Filter

Water is a global challenge, but water risks need to be understood in a local context. With  32 global basin risk indicators and new high resolution data sets for the Greater Mekong, the Water Risk Filter 5.0 provides an unparalleled assessment of water risk across the entire region – enabling companies and financial institutions to better assess and respond to water risk.

© Adam Oswell / WWF-Greater Mekong

High Resolution Highlights

  • High resolution data highlights three hotspots for high water quality risks around Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Bangkok.

  • The local data set on hydro power dams shows the extent of risks from existing dams in the region, especially along the entire Mekong River. Hydropower can be a reliable and renewable source of energy, but it can seriously harm the environment by altering flow regimes, blocking sediment and nutrient flows, and negatively impacting fish migration and aquatic life.

  • High resolution data emphasizes the high risks from flooding in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam and Cambodia.

  • Applied as a proxy, high resolution data on forest cover was applied to assess water-related ecosystem services degradation across the region as forests play an important role in terms of water regulation, supply and pollution control.