Posted on 13 May 2020

Ref. 32.20: Building a base-level information profile of marine plastic litter to serve for effective management, making decisions, and Viet Nam’s contribution toward the global treaty
1.         Background
Viet Nam is a developing country with high population of more than 90 million people. The tourism service and numerous residential areas and industrial zones along the coastline have been constantly developed recently.
Plastic products have generated a number of benefits for society, but at the same time, plastic pollution has become a persistent and widespread challenge. Viet Nam is ranked fourth on the list of contributors to marine plastic pollution worldwide following China, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Therefore, the coastal environment of Viet Nam represents a global hotspot of marine plastic litters.
Viet Nam has recognized the issues on “marine litter” being highly priority as reflected in the issued policies. The challenges of Marine Litter and Micro-plastics are global, and require global solutions and initiatives framed within national and regional priorities. In 2020, Viet Nam takes a role as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council and the chair of ASEAN 2020. By taking this chance, Viet Nam are striving toward cooperation with other countries in the fields of Blue economy, especially plastic litter issue.

2. Objectives of the study
- To strengthen awareness for management levels and policy makers through providing a base-level information profile of marine plastic litter.
- To study and develop initiatives, ideas, and recommendations of Viet Nam to contribute to a potential global treaty of marine plastic litter through keynotes, speeches, statements of Ministerial/Government levels  in events, conferences, diagnoses, forums, etc. 

3. Qualifications
The expert must hold the following experiences and qualifications:
- Good strategic to aim for the objectives of the work;
- Excellent communication skills including high cultural sensitivity;
- Demonstrated experience and proficiency in policy advocacy and development;
- Experienced in an environmental government agency at central and local levels, environmental NGO.
- Good understanding of regulations and institutions on waste management in Viet Nam as well as some related international regulations, ecological, social and cultural context of Viet Nam, including of relevant issues (for example issues related to marine ecosystems, waste management and pollution impacts, Basel Convention, multi-lateral environmental agreements);
- Eligible to provide consulting activities for WWF-Viet Nam and MONRE/VASI; and have experience working with international organizations.

4. How to apply
Interested consultants are invited to submit application (CV and quotation) to: procurement@wwf.org.vn, clearly indicating email subject of the tender reference: “Ref. 32.20: Building a base-level information profile of marine plastic litter.”
Application must be submitted to above email address no later than 3 PM 20th May 2020.
Late application will be declared invalid.
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