WWF-Greater Mekong - Request for Facilitator (Individual/team) for a hybrid virtual/physical project design workshop in Bangkok, Thailand

Posted on 15 November 2021

Place of work: Bangkok, venue to be confirmed ---- Workshop Date: Week Commencing 13th December
1. Background information to the Services/Goods to be supplied
WWF, the world’s leading conservation organization, seeks a Consultant for the USAID-funded Mekong for the Future project activity to be based in one of the five WWF Greater Mekong country offices (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Thailand).
The Mekong for the Future is a three-year project that will support natural resources governance and transparency across the Greater Mekong through strengthening civil society's ability to engage in natural resource governance and improving their access to, and understanding of, environmental data from public and private sources. The project will strengthen the ability of civil society organizations in the region to coordinate their activities, improve their ability to advocate for and monitor environmental policies, increase transparency and improve their use of environmental data.
  • Intermediate Result 1: National and international CSO coordination strengthened.
  • Intermediate Result 2: CSOs and citizens better able to engage in policy development, oversight, and advocacy.
  • Intermediate Result 3: Increased transparency of natural resource policy and governance and citizen understanding of that information.
 2. Specific Services/Goods the Provider will provide, including methodology and related information
  • The provider will facilitate the 2 days workshop, collect inputs and outputs and prepare a final report consolidating the results from the workshop, as described in section 4.
  • Expected physical participants: 15-20 people
  • The workshop is in English only.
  • The provider is responsible for requesting materials and softwares for the interaction, design, and planning. If needed, materials and softwares will need to be indicated in the proposal.
  • The teleconferencing system will be arranged by the organizer.
  • The provider should have the ability to arrange the service in Bangkok, Thailand.
 3. Qualification required for services provider
  • Proven previous experience in similar services is a must.
  • At least 5 years of experience in project design and planning.
  • Previous experience in natural resources, data and information is an asset, but not essential.
  • Fluent written and spoken English

To apply, interested candidates need to provide a brief proposal including:
  • A proposed methodology
  • A quotation
  • A list of previous experiences
  • At least two references
Please send the electronic proposal to stefano.zenobi@wwf.org.mm, cc: procurement@wwf.org.vn
Your e-mail must have the subject heading as “Facilitator for MFF project - [name of company/consultant] – Proposal Submission”
The maximum size per email that WWF-Greater Mekong can receive is 25MB.
Deadline for Proposals submission is: 26th September, 2021 17:00  (ICT)
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