GFTN is WWF's initiative to eliminate illegal logging and transform the global marketplace into a force for saving the world's valuable and threatened forests.
By facilitating trade links between companies committed to achieving and supporting responsible forestry, the GFTN creates market conditions that help conserve the world’s forests while providing economic and social benefits for the businesses and people that depend on them. The GFTN considers independent, multi-stakeholder-based forest certification a vital tool in this progression and helps infuse the principles of responsible forest management and trade practices throughout the supply chain. Learn more.

GFTN-Vietnam & Laos

WWF has established GFTN in Vietnam and Laos with the aim to eliminate illegal logging and improve the management of valuable and threatened forests. The GFTN facilitates trade links with a global network of responsible buyers, helping to stimulate a vibrant forest industry. GFTN also provides a framework by which producers and processors can work towards credible certification from the Forest Stewardship Council.