CarBi project aims to halt deforestation and preserve the unique species diversity in an area of forest, along a vital mountain range that links Vietnam and Laos. By securing the future of the forest, this project aims to reduce global emissions by an estimated 1.8 million tonnes of CO2.    

CarBi project is a largest transboudary project in the WWF history across more than 200,000 ha in the Laos and Vietnam Annamite forests, Greater Annamites Ecoregion.  

Involving four protected areas and two connecting forest corridors for species to migrate, including two saola Nature Reserves and the Bach Ma National Park extension in Vietnam, and the Xe Sap National Protected Area in Laos. These areas are connected with Phong Dien and Song Thanh Nature Reserves in Vietnam, via natural forest corridors.  

Two countries with one specific goal - Laos and Vietnam, within four provinces, two in Laos (Saravane and Xekong) and two in Vietnam (Quang Nam and Hue).


Landscape of the Greater Annamites Ecoregion spanning Laos and Vietnam.

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