It’s vital that the forests in the CarBi project area are managed in a way that ensures they’ll continue to sustain economic and social development – and support the region’s fabulous wildlife. If we’re to safeguard this unique area, it’ll require active support.
You could help WWF and our partners' efforts by:
  • Becoming a WWF supporter
  • Visiting our adopt an animal programme, and adopting a tiger or elephant
  • Only purchasing products certified as sustainable by the FSC and RSPO, to ensure wood, palm oil and other commodities are from a legal and sustainable source and don’t inadvertently contribute to habitat or species destruction in the CarBi project area
  • When travelling, don’t buy animal skins and other wildlife souvenirs as more than 800 endangered animal and plant species are banned from international trade, and 30,000 more require a special permit under CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) before they can be traded internationally
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Laotian children help their teacher plant new trees.

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