Photography Exhibition

WWF, in partnership with other key stakeholders, is excited to announce the first photographic exhibition dedicated to the wonders of the Dawna Tenasserim. This incredible transboundary landscape spans the Myanmar-Thailand border. The forested area with the Dawna Tenasserim is roughly the size of the entire country of Cambodia and is of global biodiversity significance. Despite this it remains virtually unknown outside of conservation circles.


Dawna Tenasserim: Hidden Forests of Asia features a storyline that flows from the spectacular panoramas of cloud crested mountain ranges, to diverse and ancient human communities, to iconic and entirely unique wildlife and ending with a reflection on some of the threats undermining the integrity of this dynamic ecosystem.



About the Dawna Tenasserim

The Dawna Tenasserim straddling the Myanmar-Thai border has some of the largest remaining areas of contiguous tropical moist and deciduous forests in Southeast Asia. Over 83% of the landscape is still forested and it harbors exceptional biodiversity of globally important populations, including tigers and Asian elephants. Embedded within the Dawna Tenasserim is the Western Forest Complex (WEFCOM) in Thailand, which is Southeast Asia’s most extensive protected area network at over 18,000km2. In addition, the Dawna Tenasserim also includes other protected areas in Thailand as well as proposed protected areas in Myanmar. Together, these existing and proposed protected areas in Thailand and Myanmar cover 36% of the landscape. However, the remaining Dawna Tenasserim landscape surrounding these protected areas offer tremendous opportunities to conserve the biodiversity of the region through landscape and transboundary approaches.

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